Compact-Single "Matt"

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279,00 € / 100 g

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The Egypt-Wonder Compact-Single “Matt” matches each individual skin tone. The complexion gives a matted effect and looks like it would be “kissed by the sun”.

Through the natural ingredients and the mineral pigments, the powder is very skin-friendly, the clay will ensure that the skin does not dry out and can also breathe.

In seconds the complexion is beautifully matted and naturally tanned without a mask effect. The perfect companion for every occasion - whether for work, sport or leisure activities!

Basic price 2,79 € / g

The Egypt-Wonder Compact single "Sport" mineral powder is perfect for every occasion – both work and leisure activities!

Also for matting the skin, the powder can be used as well

Mehr Informationen
Color Nein
Effect bronzing
Eigenschaften matting
Menge 10 g
Consistency powdery
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