Quicktan Touch

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The Egypt-Wonder Creamy Quicktan Touch is a natural active self-tanning cream. The perfect tan can be achieved in minutes leaving you with a natural tan, without a yellow tint or streaks.With a natural touch, the colour adapts to each individual skin tone, lasting up to 1 week.

The lotion contains valuable olive oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil that moisturize the skin. Thus, the skin looks naturally tanned and perfectly cared. This self-tanner with instant tan is water resistant and respects the skin. The use of petroleum substances has been deliberately omitted. The active ingredients Erythulose (natural keto-sugar) and dihydroxyaceton (DHA) exclude side effects for the skin and prevent any yellowing.

basic price 10,60 € / 100 ml

The practical dispenser delivers a precisely metered amount of self-tanner. Then, massage simply with a light circular movements into the skin.

More Information
Effect bronzing
Properties caring
Quantity 150 ml
Consistency creamy
Volume 150ml
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