Payment options

Our goal is to make your shopping as enjoyable as possible. This also includes maximum comfort in payment.

We accept payment by prepayment, Giropay, Paypal, invoice or credit card.

Payment in advance

After your order you will receive an invoice with the necessary data for the transfer by e-mail. When transferring, make sure that the order number, invoice number and customer number are specified. Your order will be delivered after your payment is received.

Please note that bank transfers will require 1-3 banking days and an additional 1 business day for the booking must be made before the goods can be delivered.

Payment by Giropay

With Giropay, you pay quickly and conveniently via online transfer, without additional fees and in compliance with the highest security standards. This online payment procedure is offered by more than 1,500 banks and savings banks. Based on online banking with PIN and TAN, it allows easy, fast and secure payment via online transfer.

The prerequisite for participation is a bank account cleared for online banking via PIN / TAN procedures. They will be forwarded to Giropay after completion of the purchase process.

Payment with credit card

You prefer the payment by credit card. Then select this payment method if you have a VISA or Mastercard. You will be directed to the payment page, enter your credit card details and will be returned to our shop after a successful card check.

The invoice amount is debited from your credit card account shortly before delivery.

Payment by invoice

If you are already a customer, you can easily and comfortably pay by invoice and transfer the invoice amount within 14 days. You will find all necessary data for the transfer on the invoice enclosed in your order.

The payment calculation is offered to you depending on the amount of your order, the balance of your customer account and after a successful credit check. We can not offer you this method of payment, if your invoice is different from the delivery address.

Payment by Paypal

PayPal is the online payment service that allows you to pay online, securely, easily and quickly - and free of charge. • Safe: Your bank or credit card details are only deposited with PayPal. Therefore they are not sent again over the Internet with every online purchase. • Simple: you pay with two clicks. Because you access your bank or credit card data deposited with PayPal, instead of entering it again on each purchase. • Fast: PayPal payments are made quickly. Then the seller can send the goods immediately and you will usually receive them sooner.