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Perfect and natural eyebrows can be achieved thanks to the Tana Eye-Brow. The compact powder can also be used as eye shadow and is waterproof / semipermanent.

For precise line tracing for individual eyebrow shapes, the set contains 6different Star-brow stencils, which, in combination with the applicator (or brush), obtain an optimal Brow-Styling.

Drawing the eyebrow in such a way creates a natural look.

There is a blond and dark color choice each with 3 different color-coordinated shades.

They can be used individually as well as mixed to match the original color of the hair.

The dark edition includes dark brown, anthracite and medium brown shades and destined to darker hair types.

The blond edition includes light brown, gray and gray-brown shades and destined to lighter hair types. The waterproof eyebrow powder gives a long lasting result and preserves the color intensity after direct application.

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With the Eye-Brow brush, apply the chosen eyebrow colour in the direction of the hair and shape the hair. The eye shadow applicator is ideal for an application with the Star-Brow stencils.

Star-Brow stencils can also be used to pluck unwanted hairs that are not following the shape of the brow.

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