About us

Your specialist for make-up, tanning and nail care!

The focus of Tana Cosmetics as international cosmetic labels and trendsetter is based on the development and production of special makeup products for active care and beautification of eyelashes and eyebrows.

The high-quality range of innovative products in decorative cosmetics, tanning and nail care is guaranteed by the “Made In Germany” quality.


Foundation of Tana-Cosmetics

In 1935, Tana Cosmetics has been founded in Bielefeld. The brand quickly became the super seller with the Tana Balsam, an eyelash care product, and the absolute secret among women.

This laid the foundation for the up to today’s unique success story of the company, remaining a small family business since it has already been established.

Whether coating mascara, coloring, shaping or caring; Tana Cosmetics has everything to offer in these areas. Also, make-up removal with special pads and eye pads belong to the regular range of the brand, like the classic mascara as make-up stone.

The perfect combination between attachment to tradition and innovation is one of the secrets of the company’s success. Likewise, Tana Cosmetics brought the first original Indian eyeliner and the first eyebrow powder on the market.

Development of new products

Since 1980, another milestone was reached with Egypt-Wonder.

The highlight: the development of a mineral powder of clay in only one color, which can adapt to each skin tone individually.

Thanks to the natural formulations, the brand convinces with its ever-completing product range such as lipstick and eyeliner, beauty-tools such as make-up sponge or tanning glove to apply the nourishing ingredients contained in the tanning range. Egypt Wonder has become an integral part of Tana Cosmetics.
Then, the product range developed itself to the brand Manoa Cristal, specialized in nail care.

Due to this exclusive & coordinated portfolio, beautification and healthy nails care are promised.

Focus of Tana-Cosmetics

Tana Cosmetics has succeeded in its core business to remain faithful, which focuses on the development and production of specialty products in the beauty segment. Therefore, Tana Cosmetics is always in the position to respond very quickly to the needs of the end user.

Shortly before the anniversary in 2009, the firm made a new breakthrough with the new star product Lashpower, the eyelash serum by Tana. In 2020, the company celebrated its 85th anniversary on the international stage of the cosmetic industry.